Reflective tape, RED, 50m Roll. Tow Truck,Trailer,Mining,Van,Ute,Caravan,Fork

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APPLICATION: For use on rigid sided vehicles & rigid surfaces.


ORALITE® VC 104+ is the preferred choice by most fleets when it comes to conspicuity markings, due to the product construction which is just simply ideal for this application. The thin single layer construction means that there is no edge sealing needed, and no risk of any water or dirt ingress causing discolouration of the tape. It is easy to apply, and you can apply it over rivets very easily. Easy application means that your vehicle is quickly back on the road again - where it should be.

The risk of an accident between a truck and a car is 30 times greater when a truck does not have high visibility vehicle markings.
A truck with outline reflective markings is recognised earlier than an unmarked truck because they help to define the total size of the truck to other road users. This gives other drivers more time to manoeuvre safely in traffic. Full-contour and partial-contour vehicle markings are recommended in Australia under the ATA Industry Technical Advisory Procedure for Heavy Vehicle Visibility.
Applied to properly prepared surfaces ORALITE® VC 104+ reflective tape provides long-term retroreflectivity and durability.

  • Suitable for Trucks, Trailers, Emergency Vehicles, Buses, Mining Vehicles, Trains & Bikes.
  • Outstanding long distance night time visibility
  • Class 1 tape is up to 3 times more reflective than Class 2​
  • Strong and durable for easy application to flat, rigid or smooth surfaces.
  • Tape edges are pre-sealed to prevent dirt and water penetration.
  • Polyester construction means no cracking
  • Non-corroding​, resistant to power washing & most industrial cleaning processes
  • Easy to cut, handle and apply
  • 10 year warranty​


ORAFOL can today call itself the original inventors of the microprismatic technology, and with more than 40 years of experience today we are the leaders of prismatic film manufacturing, providing products with the best possible visibiliyty in day- and nighttime, poor light and adverse weather conditions.
ORAFOL is the only manufacturer to offer the benefits of this superior technology consistently backed by years of experience, technical innovation and commitment to customer needs.

Prism technology works by refracting light from its inner surfaces. Light strikes each of the three surfaces of the  microprism in turn, before returning to its source. The retroreflective efficiency is enhanced by the precise arrangement of the microprisms. The microprisms' economical use of surface area delivers the highest standard of reflection.