Gold gauge Surround kit to suit Australian Kenworth, 2xSpeedo, 1xPyro, 20xSmall

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Gold guage surround kit with visors to suit an Aust Kenworth. .

  • You will receive:
  • 2 x Speedo Tacho
  • 1 x Pyrometer 
  • 20 x Small surrounds
""Please note that sometimes the surrounds will be slightly loose. Please use a couple of dobs of Silastic in this case to hold them on""

Dimensions for Checking or Custom fitting are:

Speedo/Tacho: 85mm inside, 110mm outside.

Small Surrounds: 41mm Inside, 60mm Outside.

Pyro Gauge:  65mm inside, 90mm outside. (This surround is usually too big and will need a couple of Dobs of silastic to hold it on)