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Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals such as foaming degreasers, detergents, disinfectants, acid or caustic cleaners, or soap and can be used for cleaning and disinfecting. Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam through a fan spray. You can detach the wand for a powerful spray rinse. The Foam Gun has a wide mouth making it super easy to fill and the chemical-resistant polyethylene tank. Cleaning applications include but are not limited to supermarket and packing house meat cutting rooms and equipment, food-handling and preparation areas, institutional, industrial, or public restrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms, animal cages, dairy equipment, trucks, cars and other equipment.

  • Comes with Quality Brass Connections.
  • Adjustable Mix Ratio - 6x Foam Ratio Settings.
  • Spray gun can be detached and used as a powerful spray rinse​.
  • Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals.
  • Foaming attachment provides fan spray, solid stream without attachment​.
  • Easily connects to a garden hose.